Meet the Pack

Your best friends when it comes to the difficult world of insurance

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Stefanie Pigeon

Stefanie Pigeon, GBA
Founder, Visionary & Trailblazer

Stefanie leads the pack with a focus on capturing solutions that meet the needs of a diverse group of clients. She strives to simplify the complexities of insurance planning while delivering meaningful value to businesses and employees; ultimately producing financial health and personal wellness for clients.

You may reach Stefanie directly at Be sure to ask her about a personalized copy of her book Breaking Through the Status Quo.

Breaking Through The Status Quo featuring Stefanie Pigeon book cover
Jack the Affiliated Associates Insurance Communication dog
Steve Hartmann

Steve Hartmann, LUTCF
Musical Employee Benefits Groomer

Keeping businesses, employees, and individuals performing, communicating, and protected in perfect harmony.

Sparky the Affiliated Associates Insurance and Employee Benefits Technology dog
Kira Harmon

Kira Harmon, LUTCF
Service/Guide Dog & Tail Wagger

Guiding the young pups and aiding the old dogs. Keeps the pack running on all paws.

Hugo the Affiliated Associates Insurance Education dog
Michelle Woodbury

Michelle Woodbury
Operational Bomb Detection Hound

Activity tracker who steers the pack so there are no strays and sniffs out emergencies.

Cody the Affiliated Associates Insurance Service Dog
John Sortor

John Sortor
Working Dog

Likes to dig into the details, works well within the pack to help steer clear of the ruff.

Sparky, the Affiliated Associates Insurance and Employee Benefits Technology dog
Marge Wilmot

Marge Wilmot
Veteran Service Dog

Helping the 65+ crowd take a bite out of Medicare.

Sallie Wilbanks

Sallie Wilbanks

Tennessee Helping Dog

Supplying a pawsitive approach to tracking activities, sniffing out meetings, and burying bones for future opportunities. Always willing to volunteer a helpful paw whenever necessary. Go Vols!

Hugo the Affiliated Associates Insurance Education dog

Larry Hawley

Guard Dog and Loyal Pal

He sniffs out problems and keeps the pack safe. Internal or external, he’s the go-to dog that’s loyal and eager to be your ‘best friend’ in the business.

Cody the Affiliated Associates Insurance Service Dog
Rosco the Affiliated Associates Insurance Master Greeter


Master Greeter


Dogs Rule

Lilo the dog

We are loyal and true: committed to providing you with the best strategies and education for your employees' health and wellness program as well as your individual needs. By listening to you, we evaluate your situation and understand the fiscal needs of your business and your household. Affiliated Associates will have you wagging your tail!

We strongly believe that evolving education is the key to making informed decisions. Clear communication combined with technology allows our pack to provide an authentic service experience.