Meet Sparky, Our Technology Dog

It’s impossible to keep pace with technology but in times like these you may find that technology becomes your most useful friend!

  • Looking for ways to communicate to staff and family in a format that keeps them informed about benefits? Look no further! Sparky has an electronic system that you may institute to guide your employees from date of hire to date of termination.

  • C3: Communicate Compliance Continually = Done with Sparky's Solutions!

  • Customized communication App

  • How about shopping for RX savings?

  • Or accessing information about medical practitioners at your fingertips?

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Sparky, Our Technology Dog

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From healthcare to retirement to employee assistance programs, your robust benefits package can easily make new hire enrollments, terminations, and changes an administrative nightmare.

No more!

Why not use a customized benefit admin system for your company?

We've heard it all... and we have solutions!

"That must take a lot of manpower to set up." Actually, we do that for you.

"That must cost a ton!" Our clients have access to onboarding and benefit elections, saving them time and money.

"Not all of our employees have access to a computer or internet." That's okay. Our on-site enrollment assistance makes it easy to provide your employees with the one-on-one help they need.

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