Life Insurance is Like Oatmeal by Lorena Bortz

“How are oatmeal and life insurance alike?” you ask. Thank you for asking.

Both are very good for you. Oatmeal fills you up and helps you stay feeling satisfied throughout the morning. Having life insurance gives you a feeling of well-being by knowing you are taking care of your loved ones.

There are many varieties of oatmeal, one for every taste. Some varieties are whole grain and dense with nutrition, and some are more refined and sweetened. Life insurance also comes in many varieties: Whole life, Universal life, Variable life, and Term life, to name a few. Something for every stage of life and every income.

The sooner you start eating oatmeal, the sooner you see the results, which could help in lowering your cholesterol, increasing your overall heart-health, and giving you energy throughout the day. The sooner you purchase life insurance, the sooner your family is being protected from financial disaster if the unthinkable happens, lowers your premium rates which will save you money, affords you more coverage for the price, and may greatly increase the value of your policy.

Oatmeal is versatile and can also be used in snacks and desserts, so you can enjoy a more substantial treat. Life insurance is versatile and can be used in different ways as well; for example, as an investment vehicle for accumulating a substantial financial portfolio, and it is an integral part of retirement planning.

Oatmeal can feed starving children. Life insurance can be the lifeblood of a family in need when their main breadwinner passes away.

Watching and stirring oatmeal while it is cooking can prevent it from boiling over or sticking to the pot. Likewise, life insurance needs to be watched from time to time and tweaked when there are life changes, such as births, adoptions, deaths, marriage, divorce, and employment changes.

You can go without having oatmeal in the morning, but you will notice something is missing, especially if you are used to having its benefits. You can also go without getting life insurance, but your family could be lacking comforts, necessities, and perhaps for your kids, the possibility of college.

Oatmeal and life insurance may not be glamorous to talk about, but they do have great benefits. Don’t you and your family want to be prepared and to feel satisfied with the choices you make for the future? Just like having a nice bowl of oatmeal gives you a warm feeling inside.